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Armor Stand Pet Info

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Armor stand pets are pets made out of armor stands that can follow you around or greet other players for you. These can only be used on the build worlds. Anyone can purchase the perk for $10 at the store (the high price is to keep it less common).


Here's a horrible video with some of the features. Obviously do not send me a PM on the Spigot forums, that was the video I made for the plugin page on there.





TL;DR: Get an armor stand, place it, and follow the instructions in /aspet help. After you've created a pet, you can do /aspet help again to see the available commands. All current types except the doorman will also follow you around. Doorman is different from the others, it has 2 extra commands /aspet greetings and /aspet greetrange, and many of the commands available for the others don't work with doorman.


Detailed Explanation



Full Command List



Notes & Known Issues

  • You can only have 1 pet per world.

  • Doormen will stay there even if you log out, continuing to greet players.

  • Pet sometimes doesn’t return to you after hugging someone else (probably also when insulting, etc). If you find a way to reproduce this reliably, do report.

  • If a pet was sitting during a server restart (and also maybe when relogging or teleporting), it doesn’t show as sitting afterwards.

  • Upon server restarts, doormen will occasionally not be visible. Teleporting away and back to reload the chunk should fix it.

  • Team Extreme is not responsible for items lost if you do /aspet delete.


Bug reporting

If you find a bug with the plugin, please report it in the bug reports section with the following format:

  • Ingame name:

  • World (Build1, Build2, Build3, Build4):

  • Coordinates:

  • Pet type:

  • Minecraft version:

  • More info (were you flying, context, etc):

  • Steps to reproduce the issue (important!):

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