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New 1.10 Blocks In Adminshop And Mines. New Rewards In Minigames

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We have made the following changes and added the following items:

Admin Shop

  • Added Beetroot seeds, Chorus fruit, Dragons Breath, Endrod, Purpur Blocks,Blaze Powder, EndStone Bricks, Red Nether Bricks, Leather Armor, Shield and Elytra.

  • Spider eyes, rotten flesh and wet sponges were removed from the Admin Shop. Either to make space for new items or simply because nobody buys these from the Admin Shop.

Mine world


The following items can now randomly drop on mining various blocks:

  • Chorus Flower, Chorus plant, beetroot seeds and gravel were added to the Tree Farm.

  • End Stone bricks and Bone blocks were added to the Sand Mine.

  • Magma Block, Nether wart Block, Red Nether Brick were added to the Nether Mine.

The following items drop rate was increased:

  • Enchanted Golden Apple in Tree Farm.

  • Blaze Rods in Nether Mine.

Mob Arena


The Tank and Knight class now have a shield to play with.

The following rewards were added:

  • Default arena: Shield, Blaze powder and Dragons Breath

  • Contest arena: Chorus Fruit, Spectral arrows and Enchanted Apple

  • Special arena: Blaze powder, End Rod and Elytra.

All the Blaze rod rewards have been doubled in all 3 arenas.

Wintato Trader


5 New items were added : End Rod, Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Dragons Breath and Elytra.

Vip Menu


You can now purchase a polar bear.

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