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TE now has a player-to-player trade system in Spawn, Mine, Nether, and the Build worlds.


To use the trade plugin, simply do /trade <playername> when you are close to them. /tr <playername> also works.When they accept the trade request by clicking on the chat buttons or typing /trade accept, a trade window will pop up. You can add items to the trade by placing them on the left hand side, as well as add money by clicking on the iron block at the bottom. In the money window, you can change the amount of money or clear the money. When both players have clicked the ready button, the trade will move to the review screen. This is where you should mouse over each item and money and make sure that they are all correct!




Advanced users can also put in money when sending the initial trade request by doing /trade <player> <money> to avoid using the money GUI.


We expect that this will cut down on the number of scams in between players. If there are still issues with a trade, they can be reported in the Report a Griefer or Theft section and staff will be able to check the logs.


If you find any bugs, please report them in the Report Game Bugs section.


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