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Store Changes To Ingame Money Given

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We have made some changes to how much ingame money you are granted with when making a donation from the store. Previously, it was possible to abuse the system and get more money than intended if you bought, say, two vip1 to vip2 upgrades instead of one vip3 to vip4 upgrade. With the new changes, every $10 donated will give 70k ingame money, spread across all ranks. This means that if you donate $100 to become vip6, you will also get 700k ingame money, and if you donate another $50 to upgrade from vip6 to vip7, you will get another 350k on top of that.


There will not be any refunds, retractions or compensation for donations made before these changes; the money changes are only in effect starting now.



Vip1 (10 dollars) 70000

Vip2 (20 dollars) 140000

Vip3 (30 dollars) 210000

Vip4 (50 dollars) 350000

Vip5 (60 dollars) 420000

Vip6 (100 dollars) 700000



Vip1 to Vip2 (10 dollars) 70000

Vip2 to Vip3 (10 dollars) 70000

Vip3 to Vip4 (20 dollars) 140000

Vip4 to Vip5 (10 dollars) 70000

Vip5 to Vip6 (40 dollars) 280000

Vip6 to Vip7 (50 dollars) 350000


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