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Favourite Movies?

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Here's mine, nothing in order, all of what i love.


-Harry potter series. (all of em)


-Toy story. (Don't laugh it was the best movie in my childhood!)


-The theory of everything. (he acted very well)


-gone girl (I suggest you No to watch this movie)18+


-How to train you're dragon. both 1 and 2.


-Chef (That movie is just so cool) inspired me to be a chef, If i become a failure in my life :)


-Adventures of Tintin 


-Batman. all the movies of it.




-Chucky. One of my best horror film.


-boyhood (I just love that story man! cause its a lot like mine :()


That'll be it for now Will update, when I remember/watch more. 

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Hush , one of the best horror movies from last year , definetly would recommend :P

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Finding dory



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