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Parkour For Dummies

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    Hello Team Extreme! I have noticed that a lot of people have been struggling with understanding how everything in parkour works; because of that I am going to teach you all different features of the plugin that most of you probably don't even know exist. :D Please keep in mind that this thread is not for making suggestions and/or reporting bugs. This thread may be used to ask questions to clear things up or to refer to when trying to figure a feature out. I may eventually take suggestions at one point(not on this thread ever), but for right now many other things are more important for V3's success. Ok well lets get started :)


Base command for everything parkour related: /parkour

Command aliases to make your life easier: /pa, /par, /pkr


The following colors will be used throughout this thread:

  • Green: Indicates a command.
  • Orange: Indicates a required field of input from the user.
  • Aqua: Indicates a required field of input from the user that has to be a set value.

Joining and Leaving


Joining a course: If you want to join a course you can do it three different ways.

  1. If you travel to the parkour room in the nether lobby you will see a pillar in the middle. From there you will see two signs. A "Shop" sign and a "Courses" sign. You can right click the "Courses" sign and it will open up a menu with diamonds and if you hover over each diamond it will tell you a course name. Click on one of these diamonds to join a course.
  2. From the parkour room, if you travel to the right side as soon as you walk in you will see a wall of signs. These signs display some course info along with the top three scores from each course. At the bottom row you will see signs that say "Join" along with a course name. Right click one of these signs to join a course.
  3. From anywhere in the nether lobby(this does not include the pvp area, mob arena, or floor is lava) you can use the following command to join a course: /parkour join <course name>. If you exclude a course name or type in a course name wrong(not case sensitive) it will display a list of courses to choose from.

Some things to note before joining a course:

  • All of the current courses have level requirements. These are not your ordinary minecraft levels. They are special parkour levels that can only be obtained by gaining special parkour xp. I will explain more about this later.
  • All of your items and armor will be saved before joining a course and returned to you when you exit/when you get kicked from a course or kicked from server/server restart.


Leaving a course: If you want to leave a course properly you can do it two different ways.

  1. When you join a course you will get some items in your hotbar(will explain later) if you scroll over to the last one(a bed) and hold shift and right click you will leave the course you are currently in.
  2. While in a course you can type the following command to leave: /parkour leave


Parkour Levels and XP


Parkour xp is a special xp that is not related to your minecraft xp whatsoever. You can get parkour xp by completing courses. Each course has it's own amount of xp reward. Getting a certain amount of parkour xp will allow you to gain a parkour level, which is again not related to your minecraft levels.


Parkour levels allow you to unlock other courses and even buy some items and collectibles from the parkour shop(will explain later).


To see your current parkour xp and levels you can type the following command: /parkour info

To see a course's xp and/or level reward you can type the following command: /parkour course <course name>


Course Leaderboards


There are several ways to view course leaderboards. You can even see your own personal scores for each course as well.


To view the top three scores of a course you can look at the stats signs on the right side after entering the parkour lobby or you can type the following command: /parkour course <course name>


To see your own personal scores for a course you can type the following command: /parkour scores <course name>




I think this is one of the coolest features in parkour here on Team Extreme. You can spectate any player that is playing parkour by typing the following command: /parkour spec <course name> -or- /parkour spectate <course name>


Some things to note:

  • This is not the actual spectator gamemode. This just allows you to fly around, invisible to all players, and spectate the courses and players.
  • You can not do anything while spectating and once you leave spectator mode you will no longer be able to fly.
  • You can click on the compass in your inventory to open up a menu of player heads. These heads represent the players that are in parkour and by clicking on them you can teleport to them.
  • To stop spectating you can click on the bed item in your inventory or type the following command: /parkour spec -or- /parkour spectate


Parkour Shop


You can trade your parkour levels for certain items in the parkour shop. The sign for the shop is located right above the "Courses" sign in the middle pillar. Right click it to open the shop and click on any item to buy it(if you have enough levels).

  • The Jumper's Key - This is used to unlock the course "Oven". Once you have this in your inventory, you will then be able to step on the golden pressure plate at the far end of the parkour lobby and you will automatically join the course "Oven".
  • The Parkour Gem - This is a collectors item and at the moment does not do anything other than collect dust in your chests :P Go sell it for money or something :D
  • Parkour Master - This sword is rumored to have been forged from the Parkour gods and will make it's wielder more powerful than their enemy in combat. (Totes)

Other Commands and Features


Find the constant message telling you that you died annoying(because you die so much is spams you)? No worries! You can disabled the messages by typing the following command: /parkour quiet


Tired of people getting in your way? Well hide everybody playing parkour by right clicking and holding shift while the eye of ender in your hotbar is selected.


Is your deaths count looking like Kyzer's when she first tried Nether-Speed? No worries, just right click while holding shift while the clock in your hotbar is selected.


While playing parkour, you can open up the book in your hotbar to view some of the course's stats.


Are you a fucking skrub? Want to add some deaths to your death counter? Right click while holding shift while the arrow in your hotbar is selected to kill yourself.


Want to see who else is playing parkour? You can find this out by typing the following command: /parkour list players


To quickly teleport to the parkour lobby type the following command: /parkour lobby


Need a list of courses? Type the following command to get it: /parkour list courses


If you would like to see the plugins current version(why would you even want to..weirdos) type the following command: /parkour version


Forget a command? No problem, just type the following command to get a list of available commands: /parkour help


*More features are being worked on. Will release updates periodically*




I hope you all will enjoy playing parkour as much as i enjoyed making it for all of you. Again, please refrain from posting any suggestions and/or bug reports. Some shoutouts:

  • Ankincognito: The best person in the whole world, couldn't have done this without her.
  • Kaidun, fruitshakes, and JoeyTheGreen: These were my main guinea pigs for testing parkour, there were many others but these guys, and joey, really helped me a lot. (lol joey ur name is shit brown)


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Nice Parkour :)

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i don't ever try parkour and i don't know what is it but because of this it let me know must! :) :) thanks for this topic i love it :) :D

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Nice parkour




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Umm..can someone list all the courses available? This post is damn old.

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All courses i think:
Frost,Nether-Jump,Nether-Speed,Oven (With the jumper's Key).
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