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Vip Rules

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VIP Rules

  • You may not use mob disguise anywhere inside the library, and no enderdragons in any spawn building.Your disguise shouldn't obstruct signs or other important information in the Spawn. Absolutely no enderdragons or godzilla/massive/bigger slimes/magma cubes anywhere within the glass dome of the spawn city.
  • You must /undisguise and unvanish immediately if requested by staff.
  • You may not buy items from the Vip shop and sell them to players.
  • Do not teleport to staff without permission. Do not TP to anyone if they tell you not to. If someone asks you to leave, you must do so.
  • Do not sell TP's (taxi services, etc.)
  • Don't sell or give out items from /kit diamonds or /kit mvp. Do not put these in physical chests. Allowed: Enderchest and your virtual /chest.
  • Do not use any vip perks inside of the PvP area, this includes /kit items.
  • Do not sell or trade warps. Warps are non-transferable, even among VIPs.
  • Please ensure you have a good password. Your account is now desirable.


Creative Rules:

  • Don't sell or give away creative items:
    You cannot sell anything creative, so no blocks, no buildings, no farms, no armour, no enchanted items etc. The only exception to this is giving away/selling land with a creative building on it, but it can only be sold/given to other EVips. If you have to unclaim a chunk with a creative building on it, contact staff, because when it's left to wilderness, non-EVips could claim it.
  • Do not put any creative items in a chest:
    Whether a chest is locked or not, you are not allowed to put any creative item into it or your virtual /chest! This includes items like skulls/heads, etc...
  • Don't glitch items:
    If somehow something has glitched from creative to survival, you must use /ci to delete them. Do not attempt to bypass creative control to glitch creative items into survival. If something is disabled in creative, it's for a good reason. Don't try to circumvent this.

    Inventory bug tip: Before going into creative, every time, place everything of value into /chest. Go survival before disconnecting.  If you get disconnected in creative, your survival inventory is usually destroyed.  Use /ci to destroy any creative blocks left over.
  • You cannot build for other non-evips in creative:
    Building for your own faction: A creative user can build for the faction, but not for individual users.Example: you cannot build houses for the members. You can build the faction home, a faction shop, or community housing such as a hotel, xp farm, etc.

    Building for other players: Creative players can build in creative for other creative players, but not for non-EVips. You may charge money for building for EVips. You can build in survival for all players.

    Building for your non evip alt: if your alt account is in another faction it is ok to build for it, as long as your alt remains in that faction. The same rules about building for the faction and other players apply here as well.

    Creative players leaving factions: If a creative player leaves a faction, and there are no other creative players left in the faction, then the creative builds need to be removed. Contact any staff member to deal with this.

    Creative factions disbanding: Contact any staff member to deal with this.

    Destroying for players: Creative players can destroy for other creative players as well as non-creative players. However, you cannot sell creative services (such as destroying a building or clearing land) in exchange for money if the player is a non-creative player. You may charge money if the player is an EVip.
  • Do not build in wilderness:
    This includes building rails, they should be built on claimed land. You can use torches while mining, but do not use these excessively (a torch on every block is way too much). Consider using the Gammabright mod instead. Do not cover entire unclaimed areas with creative light sources to prevent mobs from spawning.
  • Creative containers:
    You can put creative anvils, enchantment tables, and enderchests in public places (/f home, xp farm, etc) for your faction members to use, but not for non-EVips in private use.

  • You cannot use creative saplings for purposes other than decoration. Do not plant to harvest the wood/leaves for any reason.

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