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Woooo Hoooo Destiny Taken King September 15Th 2015

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What do yall think about this? Hype or not?

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Overhyped.. way too overhyped. The game is obviously designed with a challenge.. but most people are day-1 players.. so they could kill him in three minutes tops.


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this game gets too much hate, I LOVE destiny and even though all my year one gear is useless I love the taken king! Its basically destiny 2 but they allow you to keep your old characterand dont charge you 70 bucks for a new game, I think its a good way of doing things. Also I need people to raid/nightfall with on PS4. have one of each class, hunter and titan are lvl40 290+ light and my warlock isnt far behind. If your mature and know how to play and have a mic add me "hedgecore" I have one other buddy I play with almost every day he is an old TE member as well.

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