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Which Games Do You Play/recommend?

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Well since I'm getting my PC stuff in a week or two, to build my first PC (Yay!), I thought I might as well get some ideas on what games i should also get. So post the games you've been cranking up the most hours on or just what you recommend. Also I'll be looking for people to play with so, tell me if you don't mind showing me the ropes etc. in your game. Also when is the best time to buy new games (like sale periods etc.)? 


ATM I only have a few games on Steam (I got them a while ago): BF3, Metro 2033, Command & Conquer, Mirror's Edge, Medal Of Honor, Crysis 2, Burnout Paradise and Dead Space. Does anyone even play these games anymore?


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Minecraft is good...

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I personally liked:


The RP/Adventuring/ save the world


Dragon age trilogy



League of legends

Dota 2

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GTA V, Saint Rows IV, CSGO hmm... Assassin Creed Unity!!!

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I been playing Conquer Online for 9 years.

After 8.5 years I deleted a character worth over $5000.

The past 6 months my friends gave me even better gear than the old 5k of gear I had.

Good community but since Arabic countries were able to connect to Conquer Online they ruined it and killed the economy.


I re-read your posting.


I <3 Burnout Paradise on 360.

When it first came out long ago, I had a bunch of top street time world ranks.

I ended up slacking and let others become top 5 for the street times because it became a daily task trying to stay on top rank and I had to live my life. lol

I haven't seen ranks in a while but this is enticing me me to go wag my tail at them! :)


MoH is kind of old for me. Played, moved on. EA Games eh...

Deadspace and BF3. aka Ea Games.

I stay far away from EA Games since about 2007 when battlefield 2 devs lost support.

Except I have played BF3-4 and few other titles since then to see what was up but I don't play them today.

Same for Sims. I stay updated since Sims Online was turned into Ea Land and then atm machines were implemented and it killed TSO-EaLand.  Everyone was pissed including employees and a few of the owners.

rem ***  begin rant ***

EA Games is super shitty at keeping important devs and paying them accordingly for their demanding work.

They would rather supply you with bottles of EA water and EA toilet paper than give you your paycheck or allow you to have 1 more day or week to get the job done correctly (after bug checking) instead of release software without correcting the known bugs then declining to do a patches or important decisions later on which they once agreed to prior.


EA dev teams have made some cool games and game engines too which made EA super rich.

Some of the devs are to blame for why EA makes their decisions though. Those devs being right or wrong isn't the case. They should have a larger committee designing their goals if they want to be great.

Ignoring projects and patches because they still rake money. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed.

"Hey Bob! Hi Frank!  Let's release another title so we can make project funding for next year!" Who can we scam today?  Get on the phone !  rofl.   Something like this.


If EA wanted to pay me 300k a yr, i would decline.   Done with their bs.

The poor victims of EA would agree. I'm not talking about civilians; actual companies broken or ripped off.

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Already have GTA V for PS4, so don't really want to buy it again just for better graphics. And all the Single Player games I could just torrent :P


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If you have played games like Overwatch and League of Legends, you will find Heroes of the Storm a completely different experience. Instead of leveling up by yourself as such in League of Legends, you get exp for the team. Also, instead of getting items (like DoTa, DoTa 2, League of legends) you choose talents that will support your abilities.


For Warriors a.k.a. Tanks: Since you usually initiate a fight, you can go for dmg or you could go for tank build.


For Assassins a.k.a. Dmg-Dealers: You can go for single target dmg or AOE dmg BUT some heroes only allow one sided builds.


For Supports/Healers: You can either go for dmg build or you could go for team heals, depending on the enemy comp.


For Specialists a.k.a. Junglers/Siege/Dmg/Tank: You have a variety of talents at your disposal, what you choose must help the team in a way, from killing the enemy to pushing heavily down one lane.


There are also Mercenary camps on each map, that are marked as a banner which you can kill to have them respawn to help push a lane.


All maps have objectives that will need you and your team jumping in to get so you can win the match.




To buy heroes, you, of course, need in game money. However, if you are impatient there are bundles of heroes available for you to buy with real money.


Skins (like every other game) will cost cash.


Mounts also cost cash, however some can be bought by ingame money or you buying a specific game to unlock specific mounts.



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I suggest roblox Pokemon brick bronze



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suggesting S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow of Chernobyl or Supreme Commander forged alliance. (my favourite games without minecraft)




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World of warcraft

Leagues of legends

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