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How to make a report *Please Read First*

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How do I report that player...?
This post is all about how to make a report.


Admins have the ability to see who place, broke and took blocks. We can also rollback specific player changes, so please make sure to follow the info below when making a report.

When making a report please copy this format:


Your in-game name:

Faction Name (if applicable):

What was taken:

Where it was taken from:

Coordinates (X, Y, Z) type out the coordinates, do not refer to a picture:

Server / World:

Who you suspect and why:

Screenshots (if any):


Please also do the following things:

  • If you have any evidence such as pics then please upload them via Imgur.com and post the link here
  • If you are reporting advertising or any other illegal content, please block out any web URLs, IPs or anything else illegal to post, or you could get in trouble, too!
  • IF you need to include information that must not be posted (for example, screenshots of an advertiser or details about an exploit,) vaguely mention that your evidence is not allowed in a public post, and a staff member will contact you if it is needed.

Admins are busy and even if one is online it still can help to make this report on the forums, because it can be a pain for admins to get all this info through the MC chat, plus this way all the other admins can see the progress of the matter.


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