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2. Server Rules

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General Server Rules                                                                       updated April 2017

  • Don't break or steal other people's things (i.e. "griefing".) Don't build on other peoples builds without permission.
  • Don't Impersonate a Mod, Admin or any staff member.
  • Don't talk in the chat with all capitals or you will be muted.
  • Don't exploit the game mechanics to get an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Don't advertise, mention, or ask for other servers.
  • Don't build 1x1 towers to the sky.
  • Don't use any sort of automated in-game or external means to evade the 20 minute idle kick.
  • Don't make Redstone clocks. This means a Redstone circuit that is constantly pulsing that can't be turned off.
  • To reduce lag, you must use only a bare minimum of hoppers. No hopper transport tubes. More info here.
  • You may curse but keep it civil and don't spam.
  • Respect other people.
  • Don't bitch about server restarts or lag.
  • Please keep non-English text out of global chat. Use PM or faction/ally chat. (/m [player] [message]) or (/ch f) for faction chat or (/ch a) for ally chat.
  • No cheating or hacking.
  • No x-ray texture packs or mods.
  • No account sharing or trading VIP Status.
  • Maximum of two working player accounts per person.
  • Maximum of 16 animals per type, per faction. Horses, donkeys, and mules count as the same type. Mooshrooms and cows are separate types.
  • To build, you must be in a faction, and have the land claimed. No building in wilderness.
  • Darkroom spawners using autokill mechanisms or water flushing to push mobs off of spawning pads are not allowed anywhere. More info here.
  • Autofarms cannot be fully automatic. They must be triggered manually, with a button, by a human player.
  • Pigmen farms (Portal farms) can contain no more than 8 total portals per farm.
  • Do not kill players outside of PVP, or build death traps.  If your build is designed with the potential to kill players beyond the dangers of basic exploration, warning signs must be present. If in doubt about a build, ask staff!
  • Web links (URLs) outside of the TeamExtreme domain are NOT allowed at all in game. You may post TeamExtreme links, such as links to forum threads, but anything trade-related (auctions, bulk offers, etc.) must be posted in trade channel or in PM, or it may be considered spam.  Links must not contain inappropriate content.
  • Attempting to circumvent the plugin-enforced chunk shopland/outpost land limit will result in punishment. More info here.
  • All rules for player held auctions must be followed by both buyers and sellers. Auction rules found here
  • Additional rules apply to VIP players. Link

Land Claims: Faction land belongs to the faction.  Players cannot "own" land.  Players who recieve land from other players, whether as a gift or in exchange for money or goods, are recieving it for the faction they have it claimed under.  This land is managed at the sole discretion of the faction's current leader and in the event of any controversy, it is up to that leader to decide on whether to keep it. If the faction leader is banned, you can request a kick of the banned faction leader 14 days after the ban occured. In the cases of disputes or absence of the faction leader, admins will have the final say. This policy is intended to protect factions and provide a simple resolution to issues that arise.  Those who try to use this policy in order to scam players, or even their own faction, for access to valuable land will not be protected by this policy. Such issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Overclaiming: Factions that have fallen beneath their alotted claims are subject to have land unclaimed by an admin at the admin's discretion. This land usually applies first to land that is unused but can apply to any chunks as an admin sees fit depending on the situation.  As this is a common issue, it is impossible to address every issue of overclaiming on the server, but players must be aware that their faction's land claims can be lost if they become overclaimed.
Lockettes: Items that you wish to protect must be kept in chests with your lockette attached.  Even if you lose access to the land, you can request a staff member assist you in retrieving your items. If you have left or were kicked from your faction and you need help getting your items moved, use our lockette request forum. You have 7 days if you have left your faction, and 14 days if you were kicked from the faction or banned from the server. If you do not get your items moved within the time frame, your items can be rightly claimed by the faction with a staff member's assistance, or they will be scattered to the ground once the lockette expires after 31 days.  A more detailed look at our lockette policy can be found here: http://forums.teamex...kette-removals/
Faction Rules: It is up to a faction to enforce their own rules.  Server staff will not enforce these rules.  Factions may not make rules which are in opposition to the rules of the server.
So what mods can I use?

  • You can use mods like texture packs, chat mods, music mods, map mods (except mob radar), generally anything that does not cheat the game or the server. If in doubt, ask staff.

So what mods are banned?

  • Generally any mod that cheats the game, such as map downloaders, x-ray mod, speed, fly and jump mods, instant mining, tracer, extreme enchants, invisible mods, sneak mods, and teleportation mods.

Additional rules for VIPs here.
Rules for posting on the forums are here.

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