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Everyone knows jokes, who doesn't?
I need a cheap laugh sometimes,
so post your jokes along with some of mine

Why did the spy not get out of bed?
(He was undercover)

Knock Knock
(Who's there?)
(Doctor Who?)

Knock Knock
(Who's there?)
(Atch Who?")
Oh shit get inside, I didn't know you had a cold

Oh yeah, by the way,
I told these jokes when I was
Just a little boy, if you want to
hear jokes I know now,
Hit me up.
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Sorry Hobbles, but like a day earlier someone made a post just like this
A Wise man once said, "If a man can get more than three thousand posts in under one year, he is indeed a forum whore"



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A mailman was about a retire and a group of neighbors decided it would be a good idea to give him gifts as he was delivering their packages...

The mailman knocks on the first door, and to his surprise, a whole family greeted him, and gave him baits and hooks...

The mailman knocks on the second door, and a man gives him a set of silverware

The mailman knocks on the third door, then suddenly an attractive woman opens the door, leads him upstairs and makes love with him... After that the woman serves him breakfast...

The mailman says: Wow, in all my life I had never felt that good before!

woman: actually, that was my husband's idea, my idea was the breakfast!

the dumbfounded mailman replies: WHAT? Why on earth?

The woman shrugs and says: I don't know all he said was "Fuck Him! give him a dollar!"


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