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#60868 -------====={Read Before Posting a Ban Appeal!}=====---------

Posted by raidmax21 on 17 October 2012 - 02:19 PM

If you are not the Problem or the Solution then stay out of the process.

Ban Appeals

If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you are banned or you are just checking out the ban appeals section. So if you are banned or get banned, please read through this entire post or there is a very high chance your appeal will be rejected and declined.

TeamExtreme Is a Huge Minecraft server and over time we have formed our own ban appeals system that is very effective. Our system works as the following: Once a player is banned, they then have the chance to make a ban appeal. Once the appeal has been made with the correct format, they then must wait for the admin/mod who banned them to read and process the appeal. Only the mod/admin who banned the player can process it, so don't even think about crying to another admin or your appeal will be closed.

To post a ban appeal it must first be correctly formatted or your post will be ignored. So please follow the below format.

  • The title of your Post must be as following: "player name - ban message - staff name". So if your name is "jimmy" and your ban message is "Griefing a house -flak" your title should be "Jimmy - Griefing a house -flak". The staff name is very important.
  • In-game name:
  • Date Last Active:
  • Today's Date:
  • Ban Message:
  • Apology:

Things that can't be appealed.
Not every offense can be appealed so read through the the list of things that can't be appealed.

  • Xraying
  • Mass spamming
  • Attempting to hack the server.

We go through a lot of ban appeals and if you want to get unbanned, don't even think about using the following excuses or your post will be closed.

  • "I don't know why i am banned, i have done nothing wrong." You would not be banned if you did nothing wrong. Also we have heard this plenty of times:
  • "My brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin/billy bob/ president did it and I don't deserve to be banned." It gets you no where.

Here is what not to do.
Doing the following may result in a permanent ban:

  • PM staff with your ban request or for status on your ban request.
  • Bother staff about ban requests or for status updates on the "chat" section of the forums
  • Constantly ask about your ban request.
  • Talk shit to the mods/admins that hold your appeal in their hands.
  • Lie.
  • Make multiple posts about your ban.
  • DO NOT attempt to put one of us against the other. It won't work. We will all just be unified in kicking your ass out.
  • Posting a fake account name to remove a IP ban (It will not work and will be declined).
  • Bump your post within 24h.
  • Log into game on another account (ban evading)!

Final notes.
So if you have read through the post and your appeal is correctly formatted, then you should get an admin response within 24h.
If you are still 100% sure you have done nothing wrong, we can extend our investigation, however if you have done something against the rules this investigation will surely uncover it.

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#278175 3. Forum Rules

Posted by Chrishankhah on 26 July 2014 - 02:55 PM

Forum Rules


In addition to our in-game rules, we have seen fit to draw up a set of guidelines that specifically pertain to the forums. Please read these carefully. Failure to follow these rules may result in a permanent and unappealable removal from the forums.



Rules for courtesy on the forums:

  • - Never blatantly disrespect staff or any other player. Just as it is in game, rudeness and malicious trolling will not be tolerated. Pretend to get along or ignore people, if you must.
  • - Do not start or perpetuate arguments. It's fine to discuss and debate things, but keep it civil. If it gets out of hand and staff has to get involved, there will be consequences.
  • - Do not harass other players. If a player asks you to stop talking to them or bringing them up, do so. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable here, regardless of your vices or attractions.


Guidelines for Banned Players:

  • - If you are banned in game, please follow this ban appeal procedure [Click Here]!
  • - Do NOT private message staff, or you will be one step closer to a forum ban as well.
  • - Do not lie on your ban appeal. there will be permanent consequences, and we have ways of finding you out!
  • - If you are NOT the person who was banned, then do not post in Ban Appeals WITHOUT a good reason. Play it safe and get approval from staff, first.


Guidelines for Trading:

  • - Do not scam or even attempt to scam other players here. If you post a trade or an auction, it is your responsibility to see it through, or cancel if you must.
  • - We do not allow Real World Trading on TeamExtreme. Guidelines for what is and what is not allowed have been posted in the past, but they will be reiterated in a separate post, soon.
  • We have specific rules for auctions held on the forums. Please CLICK HERE to read the "Auction Rules" thread before bidding or hosting your own!


Forum Rules that can result in a permanent ban:

  • - Do not post any pornographic images or links, or anything that may be illegal and cause problems for us. You will likely be banned permanently
  • - No Troll Accounts - You are allowed ONE account, and that is your own. There is no reason you should have to make another unless specifically permitted by staff. Accounts made to evade a past forum ban or troll other players will result in a permanent ban on all of your forum accounts.
  • - No Spam bots - We know you aren't reading this, but you aren't welcome here. You will be banned on sight. :)



Some rules have greater consequences than others and have been worded to reflect this. Those which do not result in a permanent ban will result in a warning from a staff member and a mark against your forum account. If enough marks accrue (and it does not take many,) you will lose your forum-posting privileges permanently.

Again: If you are banned from the forums, you CAN NOT appeal. Further, if you are banned from the forums, that will prevent you from appealing in-game bans, too, so take care to follow these rules very carefully!

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#823442 Goodbye Te

Posted by raidmax21 on 05 November 2018 - 09:18 AM

Around 2010 or 11, I built a brand new gaming PC. This PC was awesome, it had 2 GTX 460's and a 2nd gen I7. Hell, it had something like 12GB of ram! It was something I was really proud of. A long the same time span, Minecraft BETA launched. Like many before me, I "allegedly" downloaded a copy off The Pirate Bay. To my surprise, the copy I downloaded had a server already listed in it. I joined that server and started playing. This was the really early days of MC, hell, there was no authentication for cracked servers and no factions. In many ways this was a lot more fun with far fewer players.

As time went on, I left that server but took everything I had learned from it with me. After around six months of not really touching Minecraft, people really started messing with TNT, it became a thing to try explode as much TNT at the same time as possible before your game crashed. Back then TNT didn't work the same, there was no throttling of the explosions, this means in one second of game time you could explode one million TNT blocks. In real-time, your game crashed or it took like fifteen minutes to load it all. Tons of fun. I decided to download a Minecraft server so I could explode the TNT so even if my game crashed, the server did not. Remember, at that time 12gb of ram is a huge amount for a PC. The creation of TE started with a bang!

The name TeamExtreme was not going to be the final name; it was a placeholder that I launched the server with until I got a better name. However, TE grew at a crazy rate and the name stuck. TE is seven years old... It was rare to even see a server last a year or two but we pushed through and kept true to what TE was all about. Think about it. Since day one, TE was an economy faction server all the way to the end.

Around 15 months ago, Minecraft was taking a turn that was dark and directed by its new owners. Our factions network started to get pushed out and I set a date for my predicted departure from TE. That was only in fact 6 months from now, really I'm surprised we got this far before making the call. Three to four months ago, I noticed the start of trends and predicted the worst.

TE got to a point where we lost a large chunk of the player base from a Minecraft launcher issue that could not be resolved. Right after that, we got blacklisted and took a massive hit. However, at the same time, our two competitors also started falling. I knew that our current path was not sustainable. I put plans into action. I started recruiting a lot of people to be trained into Devs, with the goal of rebuilding TE into V4. That would cover our problems with v3 helping with player retention. V4 was to also to help combat another issue we don't have control over. If you follow other servers and networks, you would have noticed a huge drop in players from them. Networks that used to have 1200 online players now have 200.

TeamExtreme has always been at the forefront of plugin design. We build more custom plugins than most networks, regardless of their size. I have loved owning TE and being its lead designer. We have built simply amazing stuff. But all good things must come to an end.

TE has become so heavy to operate, we use four server nodes just to run this network. Each server uses 50 plugins just to be able to connect and run on the network. For example, Raidlands is a cut down server but runs around 55 plugins. Faction servers on TE use around 70-80 plugins. This is not including another 10-15 plugins running on top of that for the bungee setup.

What does all this mean? Well TE has a super refined, well everything. From the chat, to trading, to inventories working across the network. The downside? Updating and adapting the network to changes is very complex and hard. This means V4 would take another 6-12 months to build, providing we can get concepts working that don’t exist on any other Minecraft network. We actually built a working proof of concept that let you walk from one server to another without a loading screen.

I have never gave a complete design to anyone, just a lot of info to random people, here and there. As a result most people don't even remotely understand what V4 is or how it works. They just have wrong assumptions. Nonetheless pushing out something so complex is not viable. Player numbers have dropped so much in the Minecraft community. We cut back costs and removed all unneeded services. Even then we still needed $500 every month. This only included monthly recurring fees, this does not account for annual and unpredictable or random costs like problems (chargebacks, broken elements, forums renewal costs and much much more). Building anything has a cost to it.

We looked at other options for TE, like pivoting towards mini games. However, TE has stayed true for seven years. We don't spam the chat with advertisements, put ads on the forums or sites, and we have always done two things. Protect our network keeping it a true TE Factions network. The other thing? Giving premium Minecraft servers the finger.

I can't express how much I have loved working on TE. The people here, the friends I've made. It’s really something that is hard to describe. I'm not one for making essay posts and I'm not much of social person but for seven years, TE has been my family. To the Staff of TE: every assistant, mod, dev, and admin has personally earned my respect and trust. We don't do public recruitment and as you all know, you must be asked to join. Please know, I'm honored you were a part of TE. You guys made TE what it is; I could not have done it without you. I don't want to give individual shoutouts because there are far too many. You know exactly who you are, you're my friends. To the TE community: you are a wacky, wide range of people I call my friends. I’m happy you came along for this wild ride. I had a lot of fun trolling and messing with you. I know some of you are still here from V2 or even before that. When you think about that, it’s pretty awesome.

Over the next few days, TE’s nodes will start to come down and be retired. This means that the server will go offline. Quite some time after that, the forums and site will follow. TS and Discord will stay up for now. Now, don’t worry, most of TeamExtreme’s worlds will be available to download. You can do what you like with them without restrictions. I would consider them publicly owned :-) *Link coming soon*

It's been a pleasure and I thank you all for joining me in this journey. I always have new ideas and projects planned. I'm sure one day a lot of us will meet again.

Bitches Be Crazy


Edit: Map download page - it will probably be slow the first day.

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#62368 4. Teamextreme Staff

Posted by raidmax21 on 23 October 2012 - 02:28 PM

Server Owner and Top Banana (The don, head honcho, the big cheese, top dog, big kahuna, el jefe)

Lead Admin:

Plugin Devs:




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#356862 [Example] Bigbosszee - Don't Take Other People's Stuff - Raidmax21

Posted by Zee on 11 July 2015 - 03:44 AM

In-game Name: BigBossZee

Date Last Active: July 9, 2015

Today's Date: July 11, 2015

Ban Message: Don't Take Other People's Stuff - Raidmax21

Apology: I'm sorry. I was being very stupid and I should not have been breaking or taking stuff that was not mine. I will wait for you to respond, but I won't send you forum messages about this ban appeal. I won't try to log into the server while this ban is still open (evade my ban). If you do not see this today, I will only bump one time every 24 hours.




This is an example ban appeal. More information here

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#124 How to make a report *Please Read First*

Posted by raidmax21 on 19 December 2011 - 04:55 PM

How do I report that player...?
This post is all about how to make a report.


Admins have the ability to see who place, broke and took blocks. We can also rollback specific player changes, so please make sure to follow the info below when making a report.

When making a report please copy this format:


Your in-game name:

Faction Name (if applicable):

What was taken:

Where it was taken from:

Coordinates (X, Y, Z) type out the coordinates, do not refer to a picture:

Server / World:

Who you suspect and why:

Screenshots (if any):


Please also do the following things:

  • If you have any evidence such as pics then please upload them via Imgur.com and post the link here
  • If you are reporting advertising or any other illegal content, please block out any web URLs, IPs or anything else illegal to post, or you could get in trouble, too!
  • IF you need to include information that must not be posted (for example, screenshots of an advertiser or details about an exploit,) vaguely mention that your evidence is not allowed in a public post, and a staff member will contact you if it is needed.

Admins are busy and even if one is online it still can help to make this report on the forums, because it can be a pain for admins to get all this info through the MC chat, plus this way all the other admins can see the progress of the matter.


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#313187 Rules For Auctions (Updated 05-01-2016)

Posted by NoRetribution on 13 December 2014 - 07:19 AM

One rule for all (and in the darkness bind them):

There is to be no editing on auction posts. This is to maintain the rules below.

Another way of looking at this is: you cannot change requirements after posting your auction. Similarly a bid cannot be changed once posted.



Rules for bidders:


1. You must have the money you bid with. If you win the auction and do not have the money you bid with to buy the items, the bid will be considered a scam.


2. All bids must be made with the intent of purchasing the item.


3. You may only retract your bid in auctions where the bidder has reserved the right to refuse to sell. If they do not reserve that right, you may not retract your bid.


Rules for sellers:


1. An end date for your auction must be stated. The end date can be an exact date and/or a certain requirement. It must also include a timezone for the end date time.


11:59pm GMT on the 12th of December 2014.

After 24 hours with no additional bid.

11:59pm GMT on the 12th of December 2014 or after 24 hours with no additional bid, whichever is later.


2. If you wish to reserve the right to refuse to sell, you must state so in your initial post for the auction.


3. If you state a value on the item you are auctioning it must be reasonable. It is highly recommended you do not state a value as TE's prices change rapidly.


4. Planning with other users in order to raise the price of your auction is illegal.



Note, if you wish to leave a requirement for bidding out, mark it as "None"


Starting Bid:

Minimum Bid Increment:


End Time:

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#2 2. Server Rules

Posted by raidmax21 on 10 December 2011 - 09:10 AM

General Server Rules                                                                       updated April 2017

  • Don't break or steal other people's things (i.e. "griefing".) Don't build on other peoples builds without permission.
  • Don't Impersonate a Mod, Admin or any staff member.
  • Don't talk in the chat with all capitals or you will be muted.
  • Don't exploit the game mechanics to get an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Don't advertise, mention, or ask for other servers.
  • Don't build 1x1 towers to the sky.
  • Don't use any sort of automated in-game or external means to evade the 20 minute idle kick.
  • Don't make Redstone clocks. This means a Redstone circuit that is constantly pulsing that can't be turned off.
  • To reduce lag, you must use only a bare minimum of hoppers. No hopper transport tubes. More info here.
  • You may curse but keep it civil and don't spam.
  • Respect other people.
  • Don't bitch about server restarts or lag.
  • Please keep non-English text out of global chat. Use PM or faction/ally chat. (/m [player] [message]) or (/ch f) for faction chat or (/ch a) for ally chat.
  • No cheating or hacking.
  • No x-ray texture packs or mods.
  • No account sharing or trading VIP Status.
  • Maximum of two working player accounts per person.
  • Maximum of 16 animals per type, per faction. Horses, donkeys, and mules count as the same type. Mooshrooms and cows are separate types.
  • To build, you must be in a faction, and have the land claimed. No building in wilderness.
  • Darkroom spawners using autokill mechanisms or water flushing to push mobs off of spawning pads are not allowed anywhere. More info here.
  • Autofarms cannot be fully automatic. They must be triggered manually, with a button, by a human player.
  • Pigmen farms (Portal farms) can contain no more than 8 total portals per farm.
  • Do not kill players outside of PVP, or build death traps.  If your build is designed with the potential to kill players beyond the dangers of basic exploration, warning signs must be present. If in doubt about a build, ask staff!
  • Web links (URLs) outside of the TeamExtreme domain are NOT allowed at all in game. You may post TeamExtreme links, such as links to forum threads, but anything trade-related (auctions, bulk offers, etc.) must be posted in trade channel or in PM, or it may be considered spam.  Links must not contain inappropriate content.
  • Attempting to circumvent the plugin-enforced chunk shopland/outpost land limit will result in punishment. More info here.
  • All rules for player held auctions must be followed by both buyers and sellers. Auction rules found here
  • Additional rules apply to VIP players. Link

Land Claims: Faction land belongs to the faction.  Players cannot "own" land.  Players who recieve land from other players, whether as a gift or in exchange for money or goods, are recieving it for the faction they have it claimed under.  This land is managed at the sole discretion of the faction's current leader and in the event of any controversy, it is up to that leader to decide on whether to keep it. If the faction leader is banned, you can request a kick of the banned faction leader 14 days after the ban occured. In the cases of disputes or absence of the faction leader, admins will have the final say. This policy is intended to protect factions and provide a simple resolution to issues that arise.  Those who try to use this policy in order to scam players, or even their own faction, for access to valuable land will not be protected by this policy. Such issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Overclaiming: Factions that have fallen beneath their alotted claims are subject to have land unclaimed by an admin at the admin's discretion. This land usually applies first to land that is unused but can apply to any chunks as an admin sees fit depending on the situation.  As this is a common issue, it is impossible to address every issue of overclaiming on the server, but players must be aware that their faction's land claims can be lost if they become overclaimed.
Lockettes: Items that you wish to protect must be kept in chests with your lockette attached.  Even if you lose access to the land, you can request a staff member assist you in retrieving your items. If you have left or were kicked from your faction and you need help getting your items moved, use our lockette request forum. You have 7 days if you have left your faction, and 14 days if you were kicked from the faction or banned from the server. If you do not get your items moved within the time frame, your items can be rightly claimed by the faction with a staff member's assistance, or they will be scattered to the ground once the lockette expires after 31 days.  A more detailed look at our lockette policy can be found here: http://forums.teamex...kette-removals/
Faction Rules: It is up to a faction to enforce their own rules.  Server staff will not enforce these rules.  Factions may not make rules which are in opposition to the rules of the server.
So what mods can I use?

  • You can use mods like texture packs, chat mods, music mods, map mods (except mob radar), generally anything that does not cheat the game or the server. If in doubt, ask staff.

So what mods are banned?

  • Generally any mod that cheats the game, such as map downloaders, x-ray mod, speed, fly and jump mods, instant mining, tracer, extreme enchants, invisible mods, sneak mods, and teleportation mods.

Additional rules for VIPs here.
Rules for posting on the forums are here.

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#326999 Noob Quotes Of The Day

Posted by Kyzeragon on 21 February 2015 - 05:34 PM

Noob quotes from TE :D Some aren't necessarily noob quotes, just funny ones :P I will continue editing this post with new ones, and after collecting a few, post them as a new comment to avoid spamming the thread every day~



"Legacy" quotes from my old statuses:




New noob quotes!


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#419588 Vip Rules

Posted by raidmax21 on 05 March 2016 - 06:39 PM

VIP Rules

  • You may not use mob disguise anywhere inside the library, and no enderdragons in any spawn building.Your disguise shouldn't obstruct signs or other important information in the Spawn. Absolutely no enderdragons or godzilla/massive/bigger slimes/magma cubes anywhere within the glass dome of the spawn city.
  • You must /undisguise and unvanish immediately if requested by staff.
  • You may not buy items from the Vip shop and sell them to players.
  • Do not teleport to staff without permission. Do not TP to anyone if they tell you not to. If someone asks you to leave, you must do so.
  • Do not sell TP's (taxi services, etc.)
  • Don't sell or give out items from /kit diamonds or /kit mvp. Do not put these in physical chests. Allowed: Enderchest and your virtual /chest.
  • Do not use any vip perks inside of the PvP area, this includes /kit items.
  • Do not sell or trade warps. Warps are non-transferable, even among VIPs.
  • Please ensure you have a good password. Your account is now desirable.


Creative Rules:

  • Don't sell or give away creative items:
    You cannot sell anything creative, so no blocks, no buildings, no farms, no armour, no enchanted items etc. The only exception to this is giving away/selling land with a creative building on it, but it can only be sold/given to other EVips. If you have to unclaim a chunk with a creative building on it, contact staff, because when it's left to wilderness, non-EVips could claim it.
  • Do not put any creative items in a chest:
    Whether a chest is locked or not, you are not allowed to put any creative item into it or your virtual /chest! This includes items like skulls/heads, etc...
  • Don't glitch items:
    If somehow something has glitched from creative to survival, you must use /ci to delete them. Do not attempt to bypass creative control to glitch creative items into survival. If something is disabled in creative, it's for a good reason. Don't try to circumvent this.

    Inventory bug tip: Before going into creative, every time, place everything of value into /chest. Go survival before disconnecting.  If you get disconnected in creative, your survival inventory is usually destroyed.  Use /ci to destroy any creative blocks left over.
  • You cannot build for other non-evips in creative:
    Building for your own faction: A creative user can build for the faction, but not for individual users.Example: you cannot build houses for the members. You can build the faction home, a faction shop, or community housing such as a hotel, xp farm, etc.

    Building for other players: Creative players can build in creative for other creative players, but not for non-EVips. You may charge money for building for EVips. You can build in survival for all players.

    Building for your non evip alt: if your alt account is in another faction it is ok to build for it, as long as your alt remains in that faction. The same rules about building for the faction and other players apply here as well.

    Creative players leaving factions: If a creative player leaves a faction, and there are no other creative players left in the faction, then the creative builds need to be removed. Contact any staff member to deal with this.

    Creative factions disbanding: Contact any staff member to deal with this.

    Destroying for players: Creative players can destroy for other creative players as well as non-creative players. However, you cannot sell creative services (such as destroying a building or clearing land) in exchange for money if the player is a non-creative player. You may charge money if the player is an EVip.
  • Do not build in wilderness:
    This includes building rails, they should be built on claimed land. You can use torches while mining, but do not use these excessively (a torch on every block is way too much). Consider using the Gammabright mod instead. Do not cover entire unclaimed areas with creative light sources to prevent mobs from spawning.
  • Creative containers:
    You can put creative anvils, enchantment tables, and enderchests in public places (/f home, xp farm, etc) for your faction members to use, but not for non-EVips in private use.

  • You cannot use creative saplings for purposes other than decoration. Do not plant to harvest the wood/leaves for any reason.

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#693678 The Long Goodbye

Posted by Kyzeragon on 08 October 2017 - 02:11 PM

There is no TL;DR for this. It wouldn't be right of me to go without a signature Kyzer wall of text. But you're welcome to skip the story if you don't care, which is probably true. I wrote it more for myself than anything. Or skip the whole thing.
I wasn't one of those oldies that came from V1. TE was my first time playing a public minecraft server. I had run small servers for my friends before that, mostly for building things with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. On March 18th, 2014, I finally decided I would click on this vulgar-looking server that came with the launcher my friend gave me. "Bitches Be Crazy!". I didn't think I would like it but I gave it a try.
I read all of the rules. I took the test. I read ALL of the library, imagine that! I spent my first day (or evening, rather) on TE harvesting resources and running around the spawn shops. That was back when there were no GUIs, and the spawn shops were purple wool portals in the admin shop section of the spawn. I resold iron from one shop to another -- all I thought about was making some money. One of my first memories of TE that I recount often was the Global chat while I was in the tree farm, cutting a big jungle tree from the top down, unlike the nooby way of cutting only the bottom trunk and leaving the top untouched. Some VIP (won't name names) said something to the effect of "only vips are invited to this party, nonvips are noobs". I thought to myself, "bruh, I've been playing Minecraft for 2.5 years before joining the server and I'm certain I know more about Minecraft already than most if not all of the people here". So I said in Global something like "just because someone is new to the server doesn't mean they're noobs at mc". Of course I was ignored.
I joined a faction called "Factional Fighting Corps Platoon 13" or something like that. It was pretty terrible. They didn't even have the common sense to put water near the farmland to keep it hydrated, and the faction leader gave me a little piece of sandy ground far from the faction home. Then, he insisted on building my house for me. That was terrible too. It was a jungle plank 2-story shack with some windows and my plants out front. I decided to leave it alone and went mining instead. I found some diamonds, and asked in Global whether there was someone who could lend me a fortune 3 pickaxe so I could get more of them, and even offered that the person who lent me the pick could keep some of the diamonds. No reply.
2 days later, I joined the forums. I looked in faction recruitment, saw that Atlas seemed to have decent builds, and applied to it with screenshots of the builds I had done before in my private servers. As terrible as my first faction was, I'm very loyal and I felt bad for leaving the faction, even though it had only been a few days, so I left a few signs on the inside of my house for the faction leader. That terrible jungle plank house and those signs are still there to this day -- it's claimed under Safezone somewhere, would have to find the warp again.
PyroAries was the one who moved me to Atlas. I met Gray538 and xMrArnoldx shortly afterwards. I was in awe at the huge statue of Atlas above the faction home, but I later found out that it wasn't an original build and was much less impressed. I met Karly42, Rix_17, Xarary, and others that I can't think of off the top of my head.
I really don't remember what I did with my plot, because soon enough my focus was on the $20 donation contest that ButterSnapz posted on the forums. I started up my private server, with VoxelSniper in hand, and built my Dragon Knight prototype. Over the next week or so, I slowly rebuilt the dragon knight in survival on TE, on land I claimed with my alt, Skewbix. It was a tedious process of gathering money from running pumpkins (fortunately, Atlas had a large pumpkin farm that I would use), then running to chubrox's shop in Whippy's mall to buy wool for my statue. I built it over a large shallow lake so that I wouldn't die as much when I fell off the build, but I still died a dozen times or so. I think it's still at /warp dragon.
I played mob arena too, and was quite good at it. I would always pick tank, and be the last one left, racking up hundreds of kills, with players yelling at me to "just die" so that they could play. My dragon knight entry got me noticed by Chrishankhah, and she got me onto TS. I remember the first day I couldn't speak because my roommate was taking a nap, but after that it was still hard to get me to use my mic. It just felt awkward speaking to my computer screen. 2PieceCombo and TrueRetribution invited me to Shockerz, which I accepted reluctantly after Karly accepted too. I met Smokezarn there, I think. Things are getting foggy about where and when I met who. I got an anonymous donation to Vip (which I found out very much later was from ButterSnapz), and then 2 days later got another anonymous donation that jumped me straight to EVip. A funny memory from that time was another EVip commenting on the fact that I had just answered a question in help chat: "wow, look at kyzer, already acting like an evip", yet I had been answering questions for weeks before that already. My first build as an EVip was a helicopter on the freebuild island at Shockerz. Able to fly now, I found out that I had missed the entire left armpit when I reconstructed my dragon knight on TE, so I patched that up.
Soon enough, hanging out with Chrish became hanging out with a lot of the staff members. Those were some of the best days that I remember. The "Good Ol' Days", if you will. I still have screenshots of us doing stupid things like boxing Chrish in with zombies hugging her, disguising as diamond ore in the spawn and watching new players trying to mine it, and putting on other staff's player skulls just to see how dumb everyone looked. Chrish created whole islands for each of us at Shockerz. I built a strange little house and my wyvern wrapped around the floating island with a beacon, the latter of which has been my Facebook profile picture ever since. Apparently my house got caked. So did all of Shockerz faction home. And pretty much all the other builds. Everything got caked when Flox or Flakman came by with world edit, throwing fireballs along the way. I built 2 more dragon warriors -- the archer and the mage. The archer stands now in the center of the Shop world, and the mage and spearman (a later addition) at the ends of the harbor, with the color schemes changed.
May 3rd, 2014. Promotions came around. Noodzz was promoted to assistant, and I asked him to set a warp for me on the xp farm that I had been building. That was when warps were from Essentials and staff had to set them for players. A few hours later, Flak PM'ed me ingame asking if I could get on TS. I jokingly replied, "am I in trouble? getting sent to the principal's office?". Apparently Retri and I got promoted. Noodzz, TrueRetribution, stevenpoore, AmazonQueenn, and I: the 5 assistant promotion, which I later learned was actually a very large group. I didn't worry about that though because I was soon busier getting all sorts of drama surrounding my promotion. I was incredibly new to the server, 1.5 months since I joined, and already an assistant? A lot of EVips were outraged. My promotion made at least one of them quit too.
But time went on, and apparently I did well enough to prove people wrong, because just 3 months later on July 29th, Noodzz, Retri, and I were promoted to mod. Sometime in between, I met Ebel while building roads for V3 with Smokezarn. Retri and I were inseparable for quite a while. We'd bounce things off of each other often, having been promoted at the same time and being online at similar timezones. Ebel joined Shockerz. Around August 2014 I also started playing around with coding Minecraft mods. MobCounter started getting widely used by all the nosy pseudo-staff trying to catch people with too many mobs.
January 3rd, 2015. I was promoted to admin. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and players certainly pestered admins the most, seeing the fancy orange text. I quickly found myself hiding from players most of the time, and it helped that admins joined the server automatically vanished. Some time around here I also worked on Kyzbot, my Liteloader mod that was basically the precursor to ChatFilter. Some people didn't like that I was automating a lot of kicks using Kyzbot, but we followed through and made it an official plugin. It was my baby. MINE. Adding more and more checks to prevent rule-breaking in chat. Chat was pretty bad before when there weren't staff online to monitor, but that was with a player cap of 150 in V2. Imagine if we had gone to V3, with the raising of the player cap, without ChatFilter. A lot of you hate on it for not letting you spam faction recruitment or trades (that is by design :)), but what you don't see is how much of the garbage it filters out. The official Dev title came on October 25, 2015.
There are so many other events that I didn't write down the dates to. Ebel and I opened Shopperz. Not the Shopperz that you know now, but the smaller one outside north exit on the V2 map. The one that spawned multiple copycat shops with the exact same layout. We made so much money from it, and we bought donations for people that we liked and thought had potential. Some of those I regret, some of those turned out to be the best friends I've made on TE. bobam, datalyssa, Kaidun, TheBaron12, and InspectorGadget were some that went on to be staff. We built PvP arenas, the Winter PvP being the first - with my frost dragon, and Ebel doing all the terraforming and building by hand. We left Shockerz to start Phoenix. Those were some of the best days too -- building our own world, albeit in a corner of the world... We built V3 together too. A lot of what's here now we've had a hand in, one way or another, under the hood. Of course there were things that people couldn't agree on, but I'm not going to get into that. Shop world, Raidlands...
I used to answer hundreds of questions in help chat -- you don't see it now, but back in my earlier days I could answer as many questions as I wanted without being harassed in PM for some request that I didn't want to do, and that's exactly what I did. It was even better when I made an incognito account and ran around in survival, being able to help random players without being bugged. These are the usernames I've gone under before (maybe there were more), mixing with the players and deliberately harassing staff in PM with stupid requests. Maybe you've come across one of them during the time.
EnderpDragon - invaded TheCompanions, but made a mistake and had to reveal my identity to the officers. Chrish thought the name was super obvious but none of the players got it.
Spython - invaded TheRedstoners, and also trash-talked certain people who I won't name that I still don't like :D
Canzone - this one was short lived, don't remember what I did with it
Hetzer - played around in survival with some other incognito staff members
Ryujin - invaded Basilisk
Inktvis - invaded Paradise (B2)
I don't even know how many hours I've invested in Minecraft anymore. It's thousands of hours, maybe even more than ten thousand, and at least 90% of that must be TE. TE was pretty much my life throughout 3 years of college, and I made friends for life (I hope they are for life anyway, you never know). I won't even try to list all the people I've met and come across because I know I'll miss someone by accident. Most of the ones who have had the biggest impact on me aren't even active anymore.
What's the point of all that reminiscing? Well, good things must come to an end. For me it faded out long ago. WE requests, password resets, account problems, plugin issues etc. became so much of a chore that I wouldn't come online because then I would feel obligated to do them. TE isn't what it used to be anymore. I don't usually mind change, especially if it's for the good of the players, but enough of it is in a different direction that I do mind it. I miss those days of closely-knit staff, mature players, general getting-along-with-everyone. I miss the simplicity of playing the game without having to turn off chat or use an alt account. I miss not having to deal with drama or take part in it. I don't believe these are things I can gain from TE any longer. I already know, like, and dislike too much, and I'm already too involved. It used to be that I could take a few weeks of break playing another game and come back refreshed and wanting to do things on TE, but not anymore. The novelty isn't coming back; I guess this was my last break from TE.
So goodbye, and thanks for the memories that I'll always remember and some that I wish I could forget. I'll stick around for a week or so to check forums and clean up ingame stuff but soon go inactive. Maybe I'll check back once in a while.
And before you ask, yes, Shopperz will remain. I've given my half of the shop signs to Ebel. I do still believe in cheap and accessible resources for regular players (even if it's out of stock most of the time).

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#107303 Dynamic Map

Posted by Flox on 24 April 2013 - 06:08 AM

Finally, a semi-dynamic map with zoom. Flakman and I, from bits of the dynamic live map, have put together an offline version of it. It's not live, it is updated every 7 days.



Permanent link: http://map.teamextrememc.com/

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#718611 New Chat System (Techat)

Posted by Fridge on 04 January 2018 - 08:16 PM

I am proud to present a new update on TE. This time it focuses on the chat system. It has been totally redone internally, and allowed us to add lots of features to the chat. (There are even more on the way!) I hope you guys enjoy this update. Below is some info on the changes and additions to the chat!






/ch - Opens the channel manager GUI


/ch join <channel> - Joins a chat channel


/ch leave <channel> - Leaves a chat channel


/ch list - Lists all chat channels


/qm <channel> <message> - Sends a quick message to a specific channel. Changed from /ch qm to /qm


/ignore <player> - Ignore/Unignore players


/tell <player> <message> - Private message players


/r <message> - Reply to a private message


/pgfilter [on|off] - Toggle pg filter


/pmb <on|off> - Toggle pm blocker




PM Blocking

You can now block private messages from players that are not on your friends list, unless you have messaged them first withing 5 minutes.






Channel Descriptions

Hovering your mouse over a channel prefix in chat will display a description of that channel, along with some rules for that channel.






Item Placeholders

You can now show your inventory in chat! Simply put an item in your hotbar and type the item placeholder in chat.

The placeholder is formatted like this: {#} 

# = The slot number in your hotbar










Player Titles

Do you have a special player title? (Honored, Lord, Lady, Knight, Ninja, Pirate, Raider) Well now you can choose which title to display if you have multiple. The menu can be found in the /ch menu.



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#705355 Thoughts About Te's Future

Posted by raidmax21 on 16 November 2017 - 10:04 AM

Just a small post...


I and many others have spent countless hours on TE. A select few have built a platform and for our staff and me a lot of it is in unknown territory. Sure we can look at other networks to see what they have done, but for the most part, much of what they have created does not apply to TE. Our network is indeed unique. Unfortunately, this is where a key problem has formed. Faction networks simply don’t exist anywhere else with the size of ours. Sure there are other faction networks, but they are simply pvp faction servers within a minigame network, which don’t even remotely mirror what we have. When I think about why we don’t see other large faction networks, I think it’s due to the nature of what factions are and how it works. This has become our Achilles heel.


Factions in our v2 form was quite incredible. We built a massive community on a much smaller player base. This was due to the tight interactions and server cap. To get into TE, you had to be a VIP or REALLY want to play here since we only had 150 player slots and one single server. A player could represent only a single faction at any given time. This built a bond between faction members, like a tight knit guild of friends. This does not mean our server didn’t have issues, our memories are quite odd things. They constantly adjust and we tend to remember the good things over the bad, especially with video games. We all have this glowing memory of what V2 was, but when we look deeper, it had massive issues, it used to crash every 30min, its TPS was under 5 out of 20, meaning dead slow. And we didn’t even have mobs on this server at first. Our economy was shot and overinflated like crazy. Hackers everywhere and our biggest issue of all - it was not sustainable. The tech was constantly changing, Minecraft was updating, servers were updated and Minecraft as a game and as a company had changed so much and we were being left behind. Our expectation of what we were a part of changed. When I had the most fun in Minecraft, it was right in the beta around 1.7.3 (mc reset to v1.00 after the beta) This was because the Minecraft game and concept was so different, and the players I had been playing with were of a much older age. The game was more like rust back then; you build shit and people would attack it. Minecraft back then had a raw feel, a much different game. If I was to recreate a server of that era today, all and all, it would probably not be anywhere as fun. This is partly because our standard of design has changed and cannot be changed back with what Minecraft is now. Effectively, this is what v2 seems like when looking back at it from v3 today.

So what changed on our end since then?

We rebuilt our architecture from the ground up. Gee , I make it sound like nothing. What I really mean is, we rebuilt EVERYTHING from the ground up. It took us 3 attempts because the scale of what we were doing was so large. We were building a true factions network, not some simple ass minigame network, but a really living and breathing factions network. We tried to preserve the faction server and place it into this new network and this was not a simple undertaking. This new factions server in v3 mirrors what v2 looked like but we also overhauled a lot of things to improve it, like adding a pvp world and a new public mine. Under the hood, the plugins were overhauled to such an extent they do not resemble much of the old v2 plugins. It’s not an easy task putting this type of server into a network and have it connect with the rest. To this day I have never seen any other network come close to building a large factions network.


As v3 started to become more than just sketches, I put extra work into planning a network that put extra care on player interaction to fight what I feared and hated about minigame networks. They are hollow places with no player interaction. You go in, play a game and go out. It’s not a place you really make friends and so it doesn't create much of a community. So I planned our systems to fight this. We built the economy, tp, chat, inventories, perms, logins, and much more to all work across all servers, from one to another. As a whole, this did not preserve the factions system as it once was. As we advanced from v2 to v3, we effectively fragmented the community, one server became 4 and even though you could create a faction on all servers, all this really did was make the bond of players in each faction weaker. Think about it like this: You're playing a game, you have a friends list and a guild. All your friends play with you in this guild and one day that game, now lets you have 4 guilds. Well great, you can now have 4 set of friends? That’s bad, really bad. That tight group of friends just got a hell of a lot weaker and fragmented with less value.


More fragmentation

As we built the new shop world, it did exactly what we wanted it to. We had two issues to fix: Issue 1. Admin shop was not “game like”. It was all one boring place making your task super short. From a game design point of view, this is terrible. Just imagine if Skyrim had all it’s shops merged into 5 npc’s standing next to each other. Sure it makes it easy but it also kills the challenge and shortens the games life.


Issue 2: Faction shops in the worlds were incredibly huge places that had too many entities which killed server performance. The aim was to off-load the shops to a dedicated server built for such a thing. This would then take the load off the build servers. Just imagine a single build world such as v2 running this. It would be working 1% speed and be pretty much unplayable. This is what I mean about unsustainable. Anyway. Moving the shops to this world worked great, but also added to the fragmentation. Effectively removing one of the biggest aspects about a build world, their shops.


Next came the fall of TeamSpeak. TS is such a great tool. TE was built around it and a lot of people simply don't understand the impact of what it did for TE. It’s one thing to make a friend in-game, it’s another to talk to them every day in a voice channel with other mates. You form bonds with people you simply cannot, using just in-game chat. Our staff system was built around it. To become staff, you needed to be on TS to even be considered. With the rise of discord, this has done a few things. It formed a new type of text based community and killed most of TeamSpeak. We tried to ignore discord because It’s shit compared to TS, but it grew and became more accessible and easy to use than TS and thus it won out.


A lot of people say people are leaving or it’s not the same community as it once was,  This true but it’s not the whole story. People come and go, it has always been like this. I can count many friends that I made in v2 and left in v2. People grow up, they get bored, They get a job or new jobs and they move on. For the most part, staff and players didn’t make a dedicated post saying they are leaving, they would simply go inactive. Recently an admin made a leaving thread. Some of the other inactive staff saw that and also decided to make posts. If you saw how many staff we have had over the years we would need a library. Remember TE started in 2011 and we are about to hit 2018.


Now to address the drop in players. Almost 2 months ago an element in launchers update system became broken and cannot be fixed. This is due to a service we used being made obsolete by the company owning such service. As a result all the launchers downloaded from public locations could not longer update. About 98% of all downloads of the launcher are older versions. This means for a month we had almost no new players because the launcher they downloaded could not update to be played with the newer versions of MC, which the server uses. This was one issue that turned into a massive one. After that month, the new version of the launcher was only obtainable from launchers which updated to it before the system broke. Shortly after that we got blacklisted by Mojang. This means players cannot connect to our server using the official Minecraft client. Normally this would not have been an issue. A patch to bypass the blacklist would be sent out to the launcher, but since the update system is broken in all but the latest version, that means next to no launchers could update to bypass the blacklist. At the start of the blacklist, our player base dropped to about 8%. Right after that a patch was pushed out to the latest launcher with the update system. As of right now, most public download locations for the launcher are not for the current version with the working update system, but the old broken version that cannot bypass the blacklist, and cannot update. It takes a long time for the new version of the launcher to become standard and spread. Week by week we claim back more players, we are now at around 30-40% and keep growing. It will take a long time to get back to that 100%.



This brings me to v4. Planning has already started and addresses a lot of the issues I have listed. V4 is a big step that aims to tighten factions and is focused around the community. Please don’t ask questions about it here. I will make another post later on with plans and logic.


- raid

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#151200 Planning for TE v3 - ETA? GTFO

Posted by raidmax21 on 09 September 2013 - 03:38 PM

Planning for TE v3 - ETA? GTFO


A long time ago I drew up some plans to make something called the TE Network, at the time it was not called the TE Network but its true name I came with and the domain were both stolen by an idiot of TE.The idea to build the TE Network was a crazy one at the time since back then it was extremely difficult.


Most server networks who have multiple servers setups, have 1 server called the hub and a few servers to play on. The hub's job is to simply have a few portals to other servers. I hate this because it splits up the community into separate isolated servers which don't communicate together, which sucks and are not as much fun...


The TE Network uses a different approach. Instead of just sending you to another server, this is more about a network by linking all the servers together, letting you move though them freely, trading across them, chatting and joining other players. The TeamExtreme Network does use a hub but it's more than just a hub. The TE hub server contains the entire spawn, this means every servers will use this server as it's spawn connecting everyone together. The hub also contains things like shops, public mines, VIP perks and more. The TE Network will also allow you to send PM's to anyone on any of the other build servers and some of the chat channels will also be connected.


The TE Network will also have a nether for pvp but this time, the nether is it's own server, it runs at it's own speed, not being slowed down from other worlds, this will give you extremely smooth PVP and much more people to kill since all the servers are linked to it.


TE v3 will not be out for a long time, there are many plugins which need to be made just for it but our tests for linking all 6 servers up were very successful and I'm moving onto the next stage of planning.






There are many TE clones out there but it will be interesting to see if the rats will follow.

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#1776 I am REAL!

Posted by raidmax21 on 23 January 2012 - 06:38 AM

I felt left out, so i photo shopped my own :D
Posted Image
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#705959 Its Time To Move On..

Posted by Kaidun on 18 November 2017 - 03:47 PM

..to V4 in near(?) future. Thought I was leaving? Nah, have a  :cookie:


Vyju and Rary can has  :cake:

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#618502 Hopper Rule Clarification

Posted by Kyzeragon on 30 April 2017 - 05:14 PM

TL;DR: Always use the minimum number of hoppers possible. See pictures for examples of what to do and what not to do.
Hopper tubes. I think this is misunderstood very often. If we take it at face value, it's usually interpreted to mean multiple hoppers pointing into each other in order to transport items along a path. However, the intention of the rule outlawing hopper tubes was to decrease the overall number of hoppers that people would try to use because they put more strain on the server.
I would consider a hopper tube to be 4+ hoppers connected to each other (non-cyclic) to get items from point A to point B, something that you can do with a dropper + water flow instead -- and this is why we outlaw hopper tubes, to encourage people to use waterflows instead because these are less of an impact on the server's tick rate. If it's 3 hoppers, well it depends. If 3 blocks up straight, that means the middle one could most likely be replaced with a chest without much hassle. If it's horizontal, then it may be justified to use 3 like that. When in doubt, ask an admin. But it would be wrong to give the blanket statement that any hopper pointing into another hopper is illegal. The main objective is to remove superfluous hoppers -- that is, use only what is necessary, and no more extra than that. This helps the server be less laggy.
Here are some examples of what to do and what not to do. If you would like to see these ingame, go to Gaia and then /tppos -2622 12 1854
The left side has a hopper that can be replaced with a chest, as shown on the right.
This is definitely NOT ok. There are way too many hoppers in a row.
When you need to transport items a longer distance, use waterflows instead, like so.
Semi-automatic farms generally only need 1 hopper. There's no need to have 2 in the middle.
Egg farms also only need 1 hopper. The chickens don't mind being squeezed into a 1x1 hole.
There only needs to be 1 hopper transferring items between chests. 2 is unnecessary.
Somewhat related: hopper timers don't work as you'd normally think, because hoppers on TE move 16 items at a time and at a longer delay, to reduce lag. Just use a string of repeaters or comparators for long clocks.
Also related: hoppers for automatic furnaces are fine. Just don't go overboard, 3 per furnace max.
Don't use 420 hoppers in your guardian farm. Your player is going to pick up drops anyway, so why bother with all the hoppers? Only put hoppers where you can't reach. If your kill point is 3x3, then you can use just 1 hopper in the middle, like the example on the right.
Even better: don't use any hoppers at all.
TL;DR: Always use the minimum number of hoppers possible. See pictures for examples of what to do and what not to do.

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#120403 Who wants to win a $20 donation?

Posted by SinKoh on 17 June 2013 - 11:55 AM

To enter Like this topic and one person will be chosen at random the day I come home.
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#224528 Official Toons By Chrishankhah

Posted by Chrishankhah on 14 March 2014 - 04:33 PM

Important Update: Sales on new drawings are closed until I get through most of the current queue! I will announce when they are open again.


Got into a bit of an artistic mood recently, and made little "caricatures" of Minecraft Avatars for some of the staff. They're meant to maintain the characteristic Minecraft "blockiness" while interpreting some of the features into how they should really look :P



Staff (as of June 23)



Full Gallery Here

















Madam Whippy







Added Mar 16:









Added Mar 17:









Added Mar 18:





Added Mar 19:




Added Mar 20:








Added Mar 21:




Added Mar 24:



Added Mar 25:




Added Mar 29:





Added April 6:




Added April 8:




Added April 10:



Added April 14:



Added April 15:




Added April 16:




Added June 7th:



Added June 9th:



Added June 10th:



Added June 11th:




Added June 13th:




Added June 15th:




Added June 19th:




Added June 22nd:






Added June 24th:




Added Jan 13th, 2015



Added Jan 14, 2015




Staff To-Do list:

To be completed, but not in this order. (I will do most, if not all of them. Those toward the end of the list are less active and I know less about what would suit them.)

  1. Aerryl
  2. BigBossZee
  3. EbelAngel
  4. LegacyOfBlake
  5. KingArtorius
  6. Cats213
  7. JessaTheMessa
  8. GreenAlien
  9. BailyReese
  10. ULTRA
  11. Gan3sh
  12. BBKun
  13. Fatso


Non-staff (See below for details on how to get one!)



Non-staff completed:

  1. Chubrox
  2. LeonYourFriend
  3. Alkynes
  4. Sjouwer
  5. MontyNick
  6. RayThe3rd
  7. Diminuco
  8. Aiziov
  9. Mangekyou_Sama
  10. Willynator_ (Hint: Click the image!)
  11. ShadeRevenant
  12. LordFalkner
  13. Jerrynon
  14. Chewy0ne
  15. JoeytheGreen - Not yet paid
  16. Gam3rIssam
  17. Bosidex
  18. xMrArnoldx
  19. Simbaorka
  20. Buttersnapz
  21. Lumpusman
  22. Gray538
  23. Nastyblood1
  24. MafiasFinest
  25. Mute_Muffin

Non-Staff queue:

NON-STAFF requests will not be taken at this time. When they are to be taken, they will be a minimum 1m each drawing, to be paid upon completion, and no more than 5 requests can be made at a time (with requests opening again upon the completion of the fifth.) The following players can be bumped to the beginning of a 5-slot queue provided they post again once a queue has opened up. (This is because they made their requests before this change.) -


Macv0921 (paid), Michael1215, PyroAries_, BadGuyClaws, RSZoltar, Hurricane, Josephh225, Shadeshooter, Ghoof, Miruken, Various, PSP_Z, Trini_Miner


Small edits:

  1. Reaper024 - Wears a scythe on back


How to request a drawing: (Note: Requests are currently closed!)

  1. If you want one, comment with how much you're willing to pay, so that I know you understand this has a price. The minimum is 1m (1,000,000 in game money.)
  2. In your comment, please include and any details you want to add or specifications/alternate references I need to know.
  3. If your forum name is different from your registered Minecraft account name, please list that name so I can look up your skin!
  4. Try to restrict requested props not indicated on the skin to minecraft items only, and avoid requesting backgrounds. I will rarely make exceptions, and there has to be a good reason if I do.
  5. Do not pay me in advanced.  Pay me when it is finished. Being paid in advanced has a weird psychological effect on me and I almost always lose interest in the art I'm doing when this happens.
  6. Please tell me if: I miss your name on a list, if I accidentally add your name on the list but you didn't want to buy one, or if you need to cancel your request because you are changing your skin or can no longer afford it!

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